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Hi everyone,

"This is not so great but, Why ? 
I wanted to record where my time was being consumed while learning to code, since days were passing by and there seemed not much progress… Searched and went through lot of websites and most of them were paid… I did not want to use a free mobile version since I was always infront of my computer and once you get comfortable with keyboards,It is super hard to be using touch inputs in small displays... Keyboards are beautiful... I love them.
Whatever... The next turn was to windows applications but that was also not free... I had to put credit cards or something.... So I decided to make one on my own... Even though I like to code I was not yet ready... I knew basic html and javascript and some c++ codes from my plus two curriculum but that was not enough.
I had been in the finance field before the change and felt like excel was enough to get the job done... Any ways I loved playing with it... and then ""THIS HAPPENED""."
"The fun fact is I thought of selling this… 
and kept the formulas locked completely while uploading to the website… Ha ha.. But now it's all free, download alter,do what ever the heck you want… 
I would love to see it becoming better
But if you are creating a better version send me a link so that I can add the link to my website to let the visitors know that it is improving."
"By the way If you do not already know me,my name is Vishnu , and I love to code. Having some problems to solve and actually figuring out the solutions in code excites me…
I make apps and games… you can check them out at our website."
"If you kind of use this and feel like want a google sheets version of the same… just send me a note at , I don't want to waste my time creating something that people are not going to download or use and actually feel useful…. 
Even though I might make a sheets version later,because I love playing around with the possibilities.

 Subscribe to our youtube channel or linked in account to get notified. Thanks for your patience and time."

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