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Malayalam Live News

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A simple Live news application to see active malayalam live news channels easily at your convinience

Lofi Live Stream App

Play Live Lo-fi songs without annoying live chats or other Youtube content.

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Balloon Bow and Arrow

Our second game...

Freestyle available now.. Levels coming soon...

80 arrows, different formations, coins and high score system... play now and grab coins to purchase amazing props when the levels are out.

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Brick Breaker Retro Mania

A retro game from Dish TV Games Active, that we used to play back in 2008-2010. The crisp movement of unbreakable blocks and the goal system at the end adds more fun to the play.

By the way you can watch an ad to get an extra ball to finish the levels fast.

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Basic Notes and Tasks

A simple and easy to use notes and tasks application with easy addition, deletion, ordering and readability.

Download now from Play Store.

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